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4 Things for you khow that you should use hd camcorder ?

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1: HD camera is better than SD. If the only determinant for the quality of the resolution may be true. But as with digital cameras, it takes more than mere number of pixels to produce a good picture. The objective of the dynamic range of the sensor (s) and image processing and compression algorithms to be much higher.

2: An HDTV camera incorporates better than the SD model. Not to be confused component aspect ratio HD. Almost all camcorders can record in these days of widescreen video, if you just want to fill the screen table 16.09.

3: If the same price, is a model of HD a possibility in the future, rather than a model of sustainable development. As the battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD illustrated, the top is no guarantee against obsolescence, even on short notice. In addition, the only real way to avoid future to select the best video quality can make yourself is – it has become less likely disenchanted bought a camcorder, a model, because the treasury of the second half.

4: If it is HD, not sharp 4th Most of the technological changes in the category of HD camcorder is not limited. A small, elegant, the ability to capture the media and a significant amount of flash photography keep all your gadgets mojo.


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